Module Overview

Who holds the most knowledge when it comes to you losing fat and getting healthier? Name any celebrity or fitness trainer you can think of, but that’s not the answer. No, the answer on who knows the most is you! You hold an insurmountable amount of knowledge on how to be healthy because only you know your triggers. Only you know what holds you back. Anyone can try and guess or make assumptions when it comes to situations, but only you effectively know how you got to where you are today.

Think of a time where it was a struggle to exercise and eat right. Or perhaps the time when you couldn’t find the motivation to complete your workout. I want you to reflect and think about difficult times like these when you faced situations pertaining to not exercising or eating right. Reflection is often the most neglected step, but it’s the most important. This first module is on the process of how to properly reflect on a situation and learn from it. At the end of this module, you’ll learn how to put reflection into practice.